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The six pillars of a slide presentation 

Trishi is such a lovely and positive person. You never get a negative kickback to say "it's too hard," she's really proactive and supportive. We can work together to get where we need to go.

You think you know it all, until you meet a learning designer.

Rules of engagement.. ask for it.. acknowledge it.. use it

I am here to help online course creators, presenters and trainers create savvy presentation slides don't just look good, they also get results.
After nearly 20 years in the airline industry of teaching myself and training others in in reservations, fares and ticketing where there were simply no textbooks or YouTube™ videos.. I developed a somewhat unique yet extremely effective perspective and methodology on designing, developing and presentation slides in training that works; where no one is left behind, key messages are not forgotten and the desired results are achieved!
Whether you have a webinar, sales pitch, online course or face to face training, my methodology will also have you throwing away your script forever!
This is because learning is at the heart of everything I do.. that means every design is crafted with a specific purpose to achieve your desired outcome.
I take you on a journey to unjumble your genius and help you create a pathway that highlights your key messages and speaks with your audience in a way that matters most to them.
I show you how to craft a presentation experience that can be used time and time again but still retains that ‘fresh’ look and feel that keeps you looking and sounding current, relevant and an authority in your genius zone.
I will even show you some tricks to help you get your message across by using the psychology of leaning to work WITH rather than against the brain.

What Actual Clients Have To Say About Saffron Learning
If you're looking for someone you can brain dump your content to, who can help you design and create a powerful & effective training power point presentation that will get you results in your training or seminars. Trishi is who you should engage. Trishi recently helped me build my Linkedin Training content for a workshop I am delivering around Queensland. Without hesitation I would recommend Trishi for all your leaning & development presentation requirements.

-Brendan Goleby
Founder at Toowoomba Queensland Community

Trishi from Saffron Learning is aptly titled “The Trainer’s Trainer”, and she’s the best there is!
I recently utilized Saffron Learning to analyze my presentation. The feedback I received from Trishi was extremely helpful, allowing me to improve my slides, speaking and audience engagement in future presentations start to finish.
Although I have lots to improve on, Trishi discussed her feedback and recommendations with me in a caring and professional manner to give me the added boost of confidence to nail my next presentation.
Highly recommend Trishi & Saffron Learning. 5 Stars.

-Justin Dunkley
Strategy & Planning Manager at Amarise

Energetic, engaging and effervescent in all aspects of learning and development. If you need a training session, regardless of length and content, that needs inventing or revamping to get a message across then this is the contact you need to make learning fun and exciting again.

-Bonita Gover

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